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Our History

Roy Funk purchased Pasquale's Pizza in Tifton, Georgia in 1974. The restaurant had already been in business and was located across from Prince Chevrolet on Highway 82.
In 1986 Roy moved the Pasquale's building from Highway 82 to its present location across from the Tifton Mall, which was then called the Town and Country Mall.

Shortly after Mr. Funk changed the location of the restaurant to an area youth group, from Northside Baptist Church, embarked on a mission trip to Pennsylvania. Two of the group's members, Byron Goggins and Danny Stephens returned from Pennsylvania raving about something they had sampled on the trip called a "Stromboli." They encouraged Roy to make one. After several attempts that received the reply, "Not quite," Roy contacted the restaurant in Pennsylvania for directions on how to make one. The owner made one, froze it, and sent it next day air to Tifton. Roy picked it apart and then crafted his own version which he called the PizzaroliTM. When the kids tried it they proclaimed that it was "even better" and the Pizzarolli has remained an area favorite ever since.

In 1990 Roy changed the name of the restaurant to Chicago Pizza & Pasta. He continued the popular weekday lunchtime buffet, a local favorite, which began in 1974--it was the area's first lunch buffet.

After many years of creating pizzas, pizzarolis, and smiles, Roy decided to retire so that he could spend more time traveling and building his dream house. He sold the restaurant to his oldest son Vince in 2006.